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Hello, I'm Kim, The Emotional Health Detective!
This is THE place for everything and anything to do with getting rid of 'pesky emotions'!

If you're physically sick and tired, there are probably hidden emotions lurking beneath your symptoms, because 'dis-ease' and 'distress' turn into disease. I can show you how to get your health back by managing your emotional life. 

Or if you're just plain sick (metaphorically-speaking) of ongoing shame, guilt, loneliness, hurt, disappointment, depression, anxiety, frustration, sadness, betrayal, or just about any emotion you can name, I can show you how to get rid of them... for good.

Can you imagine the freedom of emotional freedom? It's all possible if you're ready for a new you and a new life. Read on...

Those Pesky Emotions!

Getting rid of emotions like anger, fear, sadness, guilt and grief can be easier than you thought. You don't have to spend your life being afraid of your feelings! Do you see yourself in this video?


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Free Video Series

Introduction to Emotional Alchemy

In this short 4 part video series you will learn why emotional health is critical for total wellbeing (physically, mentally, spiritually). I will share my journey back to health from debilitating illness by getting rid of negative emotions and past trauma, and the 10 most important emotions to gain mastery of for total wellbeing. You will learn the '5 steps of emotional alchemy' and you can take the EA quiz to test your EI! 

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Levels of Emotional Alchemy

The Emotional Alchemy Academy focuses on several key areas of emotional mastery:

ES - Emotional stress reduction to create inner calm and peace

EM - Emotional management to clear negative emotions and develop emotional mastery

EE - Emotional empowerment for true authenticity, assertiveness, standing up for yourself and taking back your power

ES - Emotional self care to make sure you are prioritizing your needs and growing healthy self-love, self-esteem and self-worth

EH - Emotional health: get rid of emotions which create symptoms of 'dis-ease' and feel healthy again!

EW - Developing emotional wisdom to experience authentic joy and happiness and reconnect with your True Self

Emotional Alchemy Training is On Now!

The Emotional Alchemy Training is on now, live online!

Join Kim in this personally guided experiential program on how to manifest inner peace and wellbeing through letting go of old hurts and building inner emotional resilience and wisdom.

Tell me about the EA Training



It amazed me how quickly Kim mapped the history of my physical injury to the emotional experience I was having when I sustained the injury six years ago. The pain I suffered was revealed to be related to feelings and beliefs I have held for many years. It was quite mind blowing (and almost humorous) to see the connection so clearly. It felt very freeing. I really appreciate the way Kim approached my physical suffering as a condensed energy/vibration/thought form. This enabled the injury to be shifted, space was created for healing to take place. I'd love another session!"

New Zealand


I cannot believe the change!

  "I just want to let you know, I had my meeting with the sales person today that was 'acting out' and it went amazing. I cannot even believe that I have absolutely no anger at all. He vented and was very upset. He had a lot of pent up anger and bitterness. I let him vent and get it all out and I never felt angry or intimidated. We cleared up all the misperceptions and miscommunications and he was very happy and appreciative. This is really going to be such a big breakthrough for our company. OH and for ME too. I cannot believe the big change in my emotional response to the situation today compared to before I talked to you. WOW!! Thank you so much for your help and support.
Assertiveness Training"



I'm not taking on other people's stuff

  "The sessions I had were most helpful in enabling me to discern when behaviour of others towards me was innappropriate and damaging for me, and giving me the tools to address that behaviour as well as relieve myself from feeling somehow responsible for their behaviour. I am now very aware that I am only responsible for my own behaviour and that I have the primary responsibility for taking care of and protecting myself from emotional abuse. Thank you for your assistance on my journey towards wholeness. My wellbeing is improving"."

New Zealand


Untied from emotional constraints

"I can live with joy and spontaneity after being untied from old and often irrelevant emotional constraints. My hopes for the future have been restored because feeling better will allow me to live my dreams and values. I have become much more honest and authentic with myself and others. This has generated massive self-confidence. I have learned not to simply to judge and assume, but to first seek to understand and accept things before thinking of ways to help and improve myself and others""



The Freedom to be You

"I love healing sessions that work beyond what you even imagine, especially as a long time healer, and as such I actually did not expect such a wonderful session! I had thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if one session with Kim totally cleared up my problem with morning congestion, throat clearing and hoarseness when nothing else has, why not?!" But something far more valuable happened than healing my symptomology, far more profound, if you can imagine that. I spoke out my longtime intention to no longer feel separation as a reality at any time. And I knew it was time once and for all to heal my sense feeling responsible for saving the world. Above all, I knew I had to start receiving more support. Well it happened, it worked! Now I am inundated with offers of support for everything I need! Not only that, they are the right people to help! And so the physical challenge didn’t even matter anymore, I knew it would take care of itself after that. This is why I highly recommend Kim's work - not to be missed if you want to really empower your life!""



I'm able to open up, trust and put me first

"I have learned to spend time with people who are good for me, and to keep away from the people who create stress and drama in my life un-necesarily, and I was able to let go of the sense of responsibility I felt towards people in my family. I am very grateful for the sessions I had with you, and how hard you were on me sometimes. It was exactly what I needed! It's amazing to me how far I have come in the last couple of years. I'm a completely different person now.""


We heal people not illness


After many years of chronic illness and clinical depression, I came to understand one thing very clearly: we heal people - not illness... we heal a whole person's life, not a health condition. Discover the 9 areas of life mastery for total wellbeing in the FREE '9 Pillars of Health Mastery' training.

Award Winning Health Coach

Kim is an award-winning health coach recognized for her cutting-edge approach to healthcare. Known as a trend-setter and pioneer, she brings the most up-to-date solutions to you.


Elite coaching gets the fastest, easiest, most efficient results

Stop wasting time and money on things which don't work!

In the TKM Breakthrough Experience you will get to the cause of your symptoms or problems in one session, even if you've been plagued by inexplicable pain, fatigue or unhappiness for years, and even if think you've 'tried everything'.

"WOW! Is all I can say...I'm in awe of you and everything you teach. I now realise my resistance was resistance to my-self and the change that is now taking place” Evie, Pharmacist

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Overcoming Depression

I now understand depression is not a weakness
I understand now that depression is a de-pression of emotions not a weakness and an inability to cope. I am able to identify emotions and act accordingly so that I remain in a healthy balanced state, this understanding has been very powerful. The five step process of identifying emotion was the most useful for me, I had been so used to missing thing critial step of knowing how I felt - I had felt before that some emotions were bad such as anger and so I had disallowed anger from my life, this caused me to supress it to the point where I would feel a symptom rather than an emotion. Now I am able to see that there are no 'bad' emotions, they all serve a purpose."

Age 29 yrs, Christchurch, March 2011


Stomach pains gone!

It is bizarre and really crazy to me that my stomach pains are totally gone since our talk the other day. I tested it by having a little extra coffee yesterday and today and it is just plain gone. I know that this is not surprising to you, but I am amazed. I am really excited and feeling pretty good". And a week later: "I have had a really great week. I am feeling really good. Since my stomach pains have gone, I am feeling amazing."



A new person, a new life

The following client had been struggling with depression for 9 years. After 6 sessions this was his feedback:
I’m a completely different person. I’m calmer, more centred, confident and have more energy. I’ve managed, with my wife, to start our own business. I’ve been tied up with lawyers and accountants etc which in itself is incredible as I wouldn’t have been able to do so a few months ago! Thank you!!!!" And his wife said: "You have made such a difference to his world, it's absolutely wonderful having the man I married back!"

Auckland, 2011


I'm able to stop anti-depressants.

I have noticed already a subsidance in my symptoms and also noticed today that I didn't want to cover my symptoms but was happy when they were noticed as I was able to deal directly with them. I am especially happy that the diarhea that I was experiencing has seemed to stop. It also gave me the confidence to stop taking anti-depressants, which has had no change to my mood, and also made me very relieved to have found MT. It also helped to understand that MT is the most helpful course of therapy."

Southland, January 2011


No more panic attacks

All of my physical symptoms have now gone. I no longer have heart palpitations, chest pain, or dizziness. I no longer eat emotionally, and my anxiety has reduced dramatically. I have been able to enjoy life a lot more without being held back by physical symptoms or panic attacks."

Wellington, 2011


You have given me my life back!

I feel like I have just been handed the keys to life. You have unlocked the whole key to my life.
(Comment from a client one week after her first session, symptom-level reduced from 7 to nearly 0 (out of 10), after months off work and her doctors saying they didn't know how to help her.)"


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