Emotional Alchemy Foundation Training

6 week self-paced online training

Build a strong foundation for getting rid of uncomfortable or negative emotions without guilt or fear.


The first stage of Emotional Alchemy - building a strong foundation.

6 week online self-paced training

When you build a strong, safe building to last for many years, it must have a solid foundation. EA level one training teaches the necessary theory for laying that strong foundation, upon which further EA levels are built.

Emotional management and transformation involve a combination of theory and practice.The information in this module will revolutionize the way you think and understand emotions, and sets the stage for self-processing unwanted emotions from your life.

In the EA level one Foundation Training you will study:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Emotional Meaning
  • Emotional Needs
  • Multiple Brain Intelligence
  • Emotional Brain Relays
  • Stress and Emotions
  • 5 Elemental Cycle of Emotions

And more!

The level 1 foundation training is jam-packed with 50+ lessons and tutorials, carefully 'time-released' in a progressive order to maintain clarity of learning and avoid information overwhelm. You can take a fun quiz at the end of each section to test your knowledge retention.

"The techniques are simple but amazingly effective. I've really benefited from doing them."

EA Academy Member
Levels 1 and 2 Emotional Mastery Programs

"This is probably the most beneficial work I've done on myself. I'd highly recommend taking the course if you're struggling with big emotions."

EA Academy Member
Levels 1 & 2 Training

Emotional Foundation Lessons

An overview of what you will learn in the foundation program:

Emotional Intelligence

Understand how all emotions have meaning and purpose. Access and use your two intelligences and three brains. Learn why you need to distinguish between 'survival' and 'self-worth-emotions', 'primary and secondary' emotions, 'real and false' emotions. Access your intuition ('inner tutor') and discover how your 'heartwall' protects you from hurt. And much more...

Emotional Awareness

We can't change what we don't acknowledge! Use emotional sensing to get in touch with feelings.  Understand the body's natural 'stress-regeneration' cycle and how to reverse the 'fight-flight-freeze' response which keeps you locked into stress. Learn to 'breathe' properly to calm the mind and increase emotional mindfulness.

Emotional Meaning

Interpret the meaning and messages in 'negative' emotions. Learn the effects and consequences of toxic emotions on the body-mind and increase your emotional vocabulary. Learn about the 'emotional law of precession' and the hidden gifts and lessons in life challenges.

Emotional Needs

Discover how the first 7 years of life unconsciously train you to feel and act the way you do, and how past traumas lead to relationship problems, career blocks, financial stress and health issues. Take the emotional needs audit to assess 'missing' needs which are unconsciously sabotaging your success, health and wellbeing.

Multiple Brains

Learn the 9 different functions of our 3 brains and discover why most people are missing 66% of their internal communication! Learn to interpret the '3 levels of communication' your body uses to communicate its emotional needs with you.

Types of Emotions

Learn the difference between 'survival' emotions and self-worth emotions, 'primary' and 'secondary' emotions, 'real' and 'false' emotions, composite and wisdom emotions. Discover how different parts of the brain create different emotional 'conflicts and why every emotion has meaning.

5 Elements and Emotions

Learn how toxic emotions affect the internal organs and which emotions affect each different organ. Understand how the cycles and rhythmns of nature are replicated inside your body, and how to live in harmony with the natural laws of life.

Fun Quizzes

Take fun quizzes after each training to test your knowledge retention. There is no 'fail' and members love testing their learning!

"This course has really made me think differently about emotions, the role they play in illness, and how important it is to be aware, to respect, acknowledge and feel them in order to transform and maintain health."

Julianne Petrie, PhD Child Development Specialist
Levels 1 and 2 Emotional Mastery Programs

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"You have done such a fantastic job with this training. Everything is so well organized and easy to understand. I am so impressed!"

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 & 2 programs

"If I could tell someone about this course, I would tell them how much it has helped me. I know how people are hesitant at spending money on themselves, but I would hope to help them see how important their health is and look at the bigger picture. I'd love to shout about it from the rooftops!"

"If I could tell someone about this program, I would tell them it's really not scary to look at your emotions - in fact it made me feel better. And you can take the exercises as slowly as they like."

"The content of the course is amazing! It's so comprehensive. I've been trying to figure out the vagaries of my mood for decades! The information is great and I appreciate your sharing your own personal experience. It is very understandable. I really liked that you highlight from the outset that this is (unavoidably) spiritual as well as emotional (processing) work. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and experiences with us!!"

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 & 2 programs

About your Trainer

Kim has been studying emotional mastery for 30 years since she was first diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and came to understand that the root of both these problems were trapped emotions. Since then she has been fascinated with all things emotional and how to clear negative energy from the body-mind. 


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