Freedom from the Toxic Ties that Bind

How it's possible to free yourself from toxic relationships which drag you down.

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What are Toxic Ties?

How can you know if you are you emotionally bound?

Here are some examples of 'toxic ties that bind':

  • Your mother (sister, aunt, best friend) calls you 10 times a day and you don't know how to say 'no, sorry, I can't talk now', leaving you frustrated and exhausted as you listen to her talk about themself for hours on end.
  • Your friends phone you for support when they are feeling down, but then when you have problems they never listen, and turn the conversation back to themselves, ignoring your needs, leaving you feeling frustrated and unheard.
  • Every time you try to speak with your ex, you find yourself flustered, frustrated and speechless as yet again they put you down, minimize your problems and override what you are saying, leaving you distraught and emotional for days.
  • You are afraid to call or contact certain people (mother, father, partner, friend, boss, colleague) for fear of how they will criticize you and put you down again.
  • You're always walking on egg shells around certain people in your life, afraid to speak your mind or voice your truth for fear of their reaction.
  • You're in a relationship where you're constantly put down, criticized, humiliated, chastised, verbally abused and sometimes even physically hurt, but you don't know how to stop their behaviour or extricate yourself from the relationship.
  • You have a boss or work colleague who is constantly verbally disrespectful and unfair, but you don't feel strong enough to say anything to them for fear of the consequences.

These are just a few examples of toxic relationships which thousands of people are enduring every day.

But you don't have to.

If you are ready to say no to others and yes to you, this training is for you.

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What you will learn on this training

Here's what we'll be covering:

  • The 'toxic drama triangle' and the 3 main players in it, so that you can work out which role you tend to play
  • My personal story of how I escaped an abusive, toxic relationship where I was experiencing constant emotional abuse which wore me down and caused all sorts of health and life problems
  • The number one thing which perpetuates toxic and unhealthy relationships, leaving you exhausted and exasperated
  • The two essential changes you must make in order to stop and create clear boundaries around unfair treatment
  • The 7 characteristics of emotional empowerment which need to be cultivated so that you can truly say you are emotionally free
  • and more eye-opening information to help you transform your life for the better
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