Fancy earning some extra income while helping people change their lives for the better?

It couldn't be easier. If you're a raving fan of Kim's transformational health work, and want others to gain the benefits of mastering their health, happiness and wellbeing, AND you want to get thanked for doing so (as you so rightly should), just sign up to Kim's online affiliate program and be rewarded for your efforts.


Check out all of the e-learning programs you can recommend and affiliate to others on the program overview page here.


Go to the affiliate sign up page and follow the instructions to sign up. Once you are logged in you can choose which programs to share with others.

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How you can help transform a million lives

VIDEO 1: Why these self-help health programs are changing the world and how you can benefit by sharing to create a win-win-win! Click on the video below to play (total 12 mins)


Video 2 - Step by step instructions to sign up as an affiliate

VIDEO 2: The TECHNICAL HOW TO of how to sign up to become an affiliate. Click on the video below to play and skip ahead to approx 6 mins for the explicit sign up instructions. (total 12 mins)


Video 3 - How to set up your paypal account

VIDEO 3: How to set up a paypal account (if you don't already have one) in order to get a paypal email address which you will need to set up your affiliate account. (2 mins)


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