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Emotional Empowerment 7 Week Online Training

Feb-March 2019

Take back your power and be your authentic self. Say yes to you and no to others without feeling guilty. Stop unfair treatment, verbal abuse or bullying. Move from victim to self-empowered. Spend 7 weeks on yourself for a lifetime of transformation.

Read all about it and register here Special Offer Bundle

Tian Yuan 1 Day Qigong Workshop

Come and learn 'flying' qigong, the first method in the Yuan Gong system. 

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Valuable information and learning offered to you at no cost (except your time)

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Overcome Emotional Addictions Masterclass

An online masterclass on how to stop addictive habits like over-eating, smoking, drinking, coffee, shopping, workaholism and more.

Registration coming soon

Overcoming Financial Fears Masterclass

A masterclass on how to overcome financial worries which keep you paralyzed with fear.

Registration details coming soon

How To Train Your Abdominal Brain and Heart Mind [Masterclass Training]

A masterclass on how to train your multiple brains so you can tap into your intuition (inner tutor) and gut instincts in order to use 100% of your intelligence.

Registration details coming soon

Emotional Wisdom Training

Learn to cultivate all the positive virtues of love, courage, optimism, hope, trust, compassion, joy, happiness and more. Live training run once a year only.

May 2019 - details coming soon

Open Your Heart 5 Xin LIVE Online Training Program

Full training to cultivate the 5 essential qualities of the heart and reconnect with your True Self. Taught live once a year only!

May 2019 - Registration coming soon

Ling Yuan Transformation of Consciousness Training

Learn how to transform the 10 fundamental patterns of human nature which lead to unhappiness, life problems and sickness. Training run once a year only. 

August 2019. Pre-requisite training in Tong Yuan - Prepare Yourself and Enroll Here Now

Yuan Gong and 5 Xin Classes

Experience a 'Heavenly' Qigong and 5 Xin Heart meditation at the Kawaipurapura Yoga Festival, Auckland 22-25 Feb 2019

Find out more about the Yoga Festival here

Anytime On Demand Trainings (Online)

Check the full online listing page for LIVE and anytime 'on demand' trainings with Kim.


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