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Why your Health Beliefs are essential for your Health and Wellbeing, and a handy questionnaire to assess your current beliefs


Do You Know What Your Health Beliefs Are?

Do you know if they are working for... or against ...your health and happiness? Find out in this essential guide.

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In This E-Book You Will Learn:

Why your health beliefs are vital to your health and wellbeing

How to find out what your current health beliefs are in order to see if they are beneficial or not

Why your health beliefs affect your choice of therapy, and thus how successful your outcomes may be

The new healthcare model that is emerging today which many people are missing out on

Why your current health beliefs may be preventing you from experiencing the health and happiness you want and deserve

The difference between genetics and epigenetics, and why we are no longer at the mercy of our genes

The 3 core approaches to healthcare available today so you can decide one most suitable for you

Why symptoms are sometimes your friend rather than your enemy, and why you need to know this if you want to heal the cause of illness or unhappiness

A self-paced questionnaire to determine your current health beliefs


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