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What a Journey!

Have you heard the saying, "If you want to make God laugh tell him/her your plans"?

25 years ago I had no plans to work in the health industry, none, zero, zip. But life it seemed had other plans for me...

Hello and welcome! My name is Kim Knight and I work as a health and personal development coach. I'm originally from the UK and have been living in New Zealand for nearly 25 years.

Hitting rock bottom...

In my late 20's I developed depression which worsened until it was classified as 'clinical' depression. I had no idea why and initially went down the common route of trying to treat it with medication. The only problem was, I felt even worse.

I started counselling which began to reveal I was not so happy-a-chappess as I had previously thought. The depression continued and worsened and I found myself in hospital in a deep, dark pit. It was a massive crisis which took several years to completely integrate and understand.

I slowly recovered my health and the depression lifted, but several years later I was came down with adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome: over a period of 9 months I became more and more tired, and no matter how much I rested it didn't seem to get better. One day I walked into work and quit on the spot, I just couldn't go on.

Then the real work of recovery began. For the next 6 years I tried therapy after therapy (I counted up one day, about 140 different therapies) but nothing was really making a difference.

Feeling so ill I thought I might only have a few months to live, I sold my house and set off round the world on a dream trip. I was still searching for answers as I travelled to Egypt, Central America, Europe and USA, crashing en route from time to time with fatigue.

The Turning Point...

After nearly 12 months of travel, I finally found my way to a life-changing experience: during a therapy session the lightbulb moment came and I understood why I was ill. In a flash I was shown the connection between the mind, emotions, body and spirit, and how unexpressed emotions and negative thinking, plus an (un)healthy dose of unhealthy lifestyle habits, had led my body to a state of exhaustion.

For the next 6 years I studied a number of cutting-edge health modalities which get to the core of illness and teach one how to become well. Not only did these techniques address the physical body, they also addressed the mind and emotions, because all levels needed to be addressed simultaneously for true healing (which means wholeness) to occur.

By 2006 I was ready to start working again, and it just seemed logical to start sharing what I had learnt because it was so life-changing.

Since then I have continued studies in even more revolutionary health methods and continue to share what I learn with clients worldwide through private sessions and online trainings. I look forward to sharing these with you too so you can transform pain, fatigue and unhappiness into the joy and health you deserve.

My absolute passion is to give people the tools and information to look after their health and wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually (and by the way, they're all connected).

I look forward to connecting soon! And since I work worldwide via phone, webinar or skype, this can be anywhere in the world!


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