Emotional Alchemy 101 - Transform emotions with ease and grace - Earlybird Special

$397.00 USD

Anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, guilt, shame... Are an...

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The TKM Breakthrough Experience

$565.00 NZD

Find the cause of your unexplained health or unhappiness issues. One consultation could change your life. There is m...

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12 Ways to Bust Through Stress

$47.00 USD

Do you know that according to Harvard University at least 80% of all illness is caused by stress? In over 12 years o...

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Lifestyle Prescriptions®: The 8 Milestones of Self-Healing

$19.00 USD

An introductory training explaining Lifestyle Prescriptions® - a brand new approach to healthcare which...

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Is it time to live worry-free?

$79.00 USD

Learn how to stop the mental virus of worrying, so that instead of mentally rehearsing what you don't want to happen,...

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Tong Yuan - Gateway to a Barrier-Free Heart

$395.00 USD

An online training program showing you how to cultivate the 5 essential 'Xin' qualities of your heart. Unl...

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Tong Yuan - Experience a Barrier-Free Heart

$20.00 NZD

An introduction to the meditation series 'Tong Yuan - Gateway to a Barrier-Free Heart'. With its roots in ancient Ch...

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Why am I sick? What Causes Illness?

$49.00 USD

Discover the multitude of factors which contribute to the creation of illness. "I wish we had learned this stuf...

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Introduction to Emotional Mastery

$49.00 USD

In this Introduction to Emotional Mastery Mini Series, you will learn the radical importance emotions play in your li...

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What Healthcare and Therapies are Right for Me?

$15.00 USD

After having tried over 220 different therapies to get well, I have a profound understanding of the different types o...

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Smile your way to Inner Peace - Meditation Series

$49.00 USD

In this step-by-step meditation series you will learn how to dissolve emotions like anger, fear, stress, doubt, ...

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The 9 Pillars of Health Mastery


This program explains the necessary steps we must take to resolve a health issue on a truly holistic level. It is bas...

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