The 5 Levels of Healthcare, Consciousness and You


Do you know all the healthcare choices available to you?

Most people have been conditioned to think the way to deal with a physical problem is to deal with it physically (ie, nutrition, exercise, physical therapy, surgery, medication, supplements etc).

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most physical illnesses cannot be completely rectified or resolved by only addressing symptoms at this level, and yet this is what most of us have been told. Dealing with a physical issue in a physical way is called 'level one' healthcare.

But do you know there are many more levels of healthcare beyond this first level, and that if you are not using or taking advantage of these other levels you may be preventing a successful outcome?

In this cutting-edge free series, you will learn to 'walk up the mountain' of healthcare options and discover other options available to you which you may never have known existed.

As you move up the mountain and gain altitude, you will discover new perspectives and views you may not have seen simply because you were never high enough up the mountain to give you a high enough view from above to see other vistas. 

The levels of healthcare you choose and are available to you, depend on your openness to see fresh persepctives, and also on your level of consciousness.

You could liken these levels of healthcare to walking up a mountain: at each different ALTITUDE you will get a different VIEW of the world below.

The higher you go, the more the PERSPECTIVE changes and you see new things you didn't see before. You get a much bigger picture and you see what was already there and always there before, but you just didn't SEE it before.

  • What level healthcare are you using?
  • Is it time to upgrade both your awareness and healthcare options?
  • Is it time to tap into the infinite and magnificent self-healing abilities of your infinitely intelligent body-mind?

It took me 25 years to research, discover and piece together this information. Now I bring it to you in just 3 hours! Completely free!

If you've grown up only thinking a doctor can help you with your health, think again - the information in this series will blow your mind as to what is REALLY possible.

This program is not just about types of therapy (eg, doctor, acupuncture, naturopath)... it's about the 'altitude of consciousness' that each of these modalities operate from.

By understanding the levels of healthcare that are available, but which you may not of heard of... until now... you can radically increase the health options available to you, which in turn will increase the opportunities to resolve your health issues in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible.

"Congratulations Kim, what a great job you have done producing this series. It is such a good way to explain this subject to people, especially those who have never heard of all this stuff or just never understood that they had choices and hope to make them. It is just what is needed to help people shift their mindset about health, sickness and what to do about it. Well done and keep up the great work you are doing. Regards from your Ozzie fan, Veronica" 


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