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Smile your way to Inner Peace - Meditation Series

In this step-by-step meditation series you will learn how to dissolve emotions like anger, fear, stress, doubt, anxiety, worry, sadness, grief from inside the body so you can experience more authentic joy, happiness, love, self-love, peace, calm and confidence.

Ancient teachings for a modern world

What happens when emotions get trapped inside you?

In the ancient Chinese tradition, 'positive' and 'negative' emotions (also known as 'toxic energy') are known to detrimentally affect our health and well being.

Negative emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, sadness, grief etc get stored inside our internal organs if we don't know how to clear them out, which in turn affects our organ function because our organs (heart, lungs, liver etc) literally keep us alive!

So for example, when we say 'I was livid with anger' we really mean just that - our 'liver' is holding our pent up anger and frustration, which means it's not only having to deal with getting rid of physical toxins (like alcohol, medication, pesticides, herbicides and junk food) it's also having to get rid of negative emotions. 

Or if we say 'I was sick with worry' this is literally the truth: when we overthink and worry we can feel sick, dizzy and nauseous, and our stomach won't be able to digest our food properly which will lead to things like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), food intolerances, ulcers, diabetes and more. 

There are many more emotions at play here, and each emotion affects a different organ, and if these emotions are not cleared (and often we don't even know they are even there!) then they will compromise the healthy functioning of our internal organs. 

It's the same for other internal organs: the heart, lungs, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, large intestine etc. All these organs are responsible for keeping us alive, and if we hold negative feelings inside of us, they DO affect the physical functioning of these organs. They can even lead to extreme pain and fatigue! And storing toxic emotions also makes us feel grumpy, groggy, brain-fogged, intolerant, impatient and more. 

How do I know this?

Because I found myself chronically ill and unable to work because I had (unconsciously) stored a heap of emotions inside of me for years, in fact since childhood. 

In my late 20's I was diagnosed with clinical depression (the unconscious 'de-pressing' of emotions) and in my 30's I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (the using up of all my energy in unconsciously keeping my emotions suppressed). 

I was so ill I was unable to work for 10 years, and at one point, after being ill for so long, really thought I might never get better. 

Discovering this meditation practice was one of the keys to getting my health back. In fact, learning how to clear toxic emotions from inside me was THE key to getting my health (and life) back.

Once I learned the connection between emotions and symptoms of pain and fatigue, I immediately started to practice this meditation, and practised it every day until I got well.

About the Smile your Way to Inner Peace Series

Ancient masters of wisdom taught that one of the keys to good health was becoming aware of the negative emotional energies which unconsciously get stored inside the organs, and to transform these negative emotional energies so that we can experience our innate 'positive virtues'.

They believed that all humans are born with the positive virtues of love, gentleness, kindness, respect, honesty, fairness, justice, and righteousness already inside of them, but that these positive energies get covered over by negative emotions and the stresses of daily life. When this happens we can no longer experience good health or the joy of living in our natural state of 'joie de vivre'.

How do emotions get stuck in the body?

As we go about our daily lives and experience ongoing daily stress, negative emotions (or toxic emotions) such as fear, anger, cruelty, impatience, worry, sadness and grief build up and get stored inside our body, preventing us from experiencing true happiness and good health. 

When the internal organs are full of negative emotions, this inhibits the proper functioning of these organs, and illness can develop. The negative emotions can literally damage our internal organs and glands, draining our life-force and even leading to chronic illness.

Experiencing negative emotions also drains us of life force energy, or 'Qi', so if we are holding on to lots of sadness, anger, fear, worry etc, then we will be using up our precious life force energy, and shortening our life.

We also tend not to feeling happy when we are storing negative emotions because we keep re-living the anger, frustration, sadness, grief and fear over and over again, like 'groundhog day'.

The good news is, we can learn to consciously clear these emotonial energies from the body...

How do we clear emotions from the body?

This once secret technique has been passed down for centuries from teacher to student!

In this meditation series you learn how to connect with each of the major internal organs (liver, heart, lungs etc) to clear out negative emotional energies which have been stored there. At the same time, you also discover these energies can be transformed into positive energy for rejuvinating the mind and body.

Also, as you clear away the 'clouds of negativity' you begin to rediscover the natural state of joy, happiness and peace (ie the sunshine and blue sky behind the clouds) which has always been inside you, but was inaccessible due to the old stored emotions.

Learning to smile to your internal organs can literally transform your life from the inside out!

What people say about this program

"I enjoyed your teachings very much. I feel it is easy for me to pick up your theory on the 5 Chinese elements and how Qi plays the key role in meditation and how to heal the body and mental stress. I always enjoy doing the meditation when I am stressed or lack of control of my mind, and find it's very helpful to calm down, especially in the fast pace lifestyle nowadays. I strongly recommend your program to friends who are interested and come to me for information". JW, New Zealand

About Kim

Kim is an award-winning health and empowerment coach for women. Her speciality areas are emotional mastery, healing life trauma, stress eradication, stopping bullies and chronic illness recovery without medication or supplements.

She is known as the ‘Kiwi Health Detective’ for her ability to isolate the root cause of complex and seemingly inexplicable symptoms in just 90 minutes. In particular she specializes in identifying and clearing the ‘meta’ (‘beyond’) physical causation of severe physical symptoms, especially CFS (chronic fatigue), ME, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBS and associated pain and fatigue conditions. She is the creator of ‘The Knight Method of Transformation’, a set of self-help strategies for clearing physical pain, fatigue, stress and emotions with ease.

Kim has appeared on national television and her work has featured in many health magazines. She is a frequent guest on international summits, podcast and radio shows. She was a finalist for New Zealand Woman of the Year for ‘contribution and innovation in health and science’ and won ‘best paper’ at the New Zealand Health Informatics Awards in 2016 for her work in telehealth.

Kim works worldwide in Asia, Europe, America, The Pacific and Australasia through private coaching and online self-help programs.

Kim is passionate about giving people the skills and strategies to transform their lives from the inside out – this is what self mastery and freedom are all about!


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