Emotional Alchemy - Transform emotions with ease and grace

How would it be if instead of feeling anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, guilt, shame... you could experience more joy, happiness, peace and love?
This is all possible if you know how to manage your emotions.

Signs of emotional 'non-peace':

- Are you afraid or uncomfortable about 'feeling your feelings'?

- Is it easier to just get on and keep busy rather than face your feelings?

- Do you often say "I never get ANGRY" and then explode when you reach your tipping point?

- Do you often feel SAD but can't cry or get rid of the heaviness in your chest?

- Do you often feel GUILTY for putting yourself first, saying what you want or speaking your truth?

- Do you experience ANXIETY or DEPRESSION which lasts for days, weeks or months?

- Have you experienced deep BETRAYAL which crushes your trust in those closest to you?

 - Or do you feel HURT by what others say or how they treat you, ruining your whole day or week?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, this EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY training will teach you to self-process any uncomfortable emotion with ease and grace.

You can learn how to clear emotional energy quickly, easily and effectively... it's all possible f you know how and have the right strategies.

You won't believe the change you can create in yourself in just a short amount of time.

In this comprehensive program you will learn how to get on top of your emotions, rather than letting them get on top of you.

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How do emotions become a problem,...

Why is it important to be emotionally adept?

Emotional intelligence is one of the most essential personal skills to master because...

  • Holding onto negative emotions, either consciously or unconsciously, brings you down and makes you unhappy, which means it's difficult to enjoy life. Conversely, if you know how to identify and clear negative emotions quickly, you can enjoy life and feel good, no matter is going on in our life.

  • If you feel sad, unhappy, angry, frustrated, afraid... (or any negative emotion you care to name) you can't be creative, productive or follow / fulfill your passion and purpose.  Once you know how to dissolve negative emotions on demand, your creativity will naturally return, freeing you up to follow your dreams. 

  • Emotional roller-coasters are exhausting, draining your energy and sucking the enjoyment out of life. As you clear negative emotional build-up, your life becomes more stable and you build a strong sense of peace and trust inside which cannot be shaken by outer circumstances.

  • Stuck emotions have been proven to be the underlying cause of physical symptoms and sickness. When you know how to clear negative emotional energy from your cells and psyche, your physical symptoms will start to clear up too.

The 5 Steps of Emotional Alchemy

Watch the free training in the video below where you will learn:

  • The 5 steps of emotional alchemy
  • The 10 emotions you must be able to self-process for happiness and health

I also share my journey back to health from clinical depression and chronic fatigue, and how I healed myself by learning to clear emotional energy from my body.

The solution: Emotional Mastery!

What is the Emotional Alchemy 101 program about and how will it help you?

The solution to being stuck with emotions is to learn how to identify, dissolve and clear feelings on demand.

When you know how, and have effective techniques, you can get rid of emotions quickly (in seconds or minutes) rather than being bogged down with negative feelings for weeks, months or years. This means you don't have to put up with anxiety, depression and all the other side-effects of negative emotions, such as sleep problems, sickness etc.

The EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY 101 program is about giving YOU the knowledge, power and tools to self-manage and clear negative emotions so YOU become self-empowered and free.



Once you clear negative emotions away, you will start to experience the sunshine of positive emotional energy which has always been inside you, but which was previously hidden by the clouds of negativity. 

In more detail the Emotional Alchemy program is about ...

  • Learning how to identify and self-clear negative emotions with ease and speed 
  • Learning what emotions are at a biological level so that you can understand how they are created physically and energetically inside your body
  • Learning how to notice, name and label any negative emotions inside you at any given moment
  • Increasing self-awareness and uplifting your consciousness to a new level
  • Learning how to prevent the build up of negative emotional inside the body-mind
  • Understanding the difference between 'primal' and 'non-primal' emotions and why this is important if you want to be happy
  • Understanding the difference between 'real' and 'false' emotions and why this is important if you want to become emotionally masterful
  • Learning how to self-clear the most common emotions such as fear, anger, frustration, sadness, grief, loneliness and more
  • Becoming adept and empowered to self-manage your emotional life

What makes this program different and so effective?

The experience and skills of the trainer!

Introducing Kim Knight, Emotional Mastery Trainer

This emotional alchemy program is a one-of-a-kind training which you won't find anywhere else, because it's based on 30 years of tried and tested experience, both for myself, and with hundreds of clients.

The Emotional Alchemy 101 program:

  • Is based on 30 years of personal exploration and real-life practice of clearing negative emotional energy from my own body-mind, including childhood emotional neglect and trauma which was so severe it led to years of clinical depression and chronic illness
  • Is founded on over 20,000 hours of training in multiple modalities, many of which are specifically targeted to clearing negative emotional energy from the body-mind
  • The techniques have been successfully used with hundreds of clients over a 12 year period, which means they have been proven to work over and over again
  • I am passionate about teaching emotional mastery because the effects of being able to manage one's emotions is profound, and a necessary component for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life
  • I have an ability to explain complex topics in an easy step-by-step fashion so that you experience ongoing 'aha' moments and wonder why it took so long to learn something which is actually quite simple once you know how
  • It will give you tools to manage and master your emotional life for the rest of your life. Once you learn this information and these techniques, you have them for life
  • You will stop feeling like a victim of your life and start to feel like the master of your life - your whole outlook will change.

What people say about these techniques:

I've been teaching and sharing these emotional clearing techniques and programs for 12 years. Here are a few comments from people who have taken these programs:

"I am definitely feeling more empowered. I feel more in control of what is best for me, feel much more confident, and just ‘on top’ of things. There is a big change - it’s like my existence has changed in such a positive way, and it’s hard to believe sometimes". 

"The process of identifying emotions was the most useful for me, I had been so used to missing thing critical step of knowing how I felt – I had felt before that some emotions were bad such as anger and so I had disallowed anger from my life, this caused me to suppress it to the point where I would feel a symptom rather than an emotion. Now I am able to see that there are no ‘bad’ emotions, they all serve a purpose".

“I have worked with so many therapists and tried so many things, and I have never worked with anybody like you. You are an expert in this field. You make a difference. You are awesome at what you do". 

How can your life change with this training?

When you learn how to become emotionally proficient, the benefits are many:

  • You no longer fear your emotions, or fear feeling emotional
  • You no longer fear speaking your mind or showing your emotions in front of others
  • You know how to clear negative emotions in seconds or minutes rather than staying stuck for months or years
  • Your heart feels lighter and life seems brighter
  • You feel inspired to go after your dreams and take action on projects you have previously been procrastinating on
  • Physical symptoms start to clear up and disappear
  • You feel less anxious and depressed
  • Your sleep improves which means you have more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • You feel empowered to be in control of how you feel, and you are no longer upset by what others say or do
  • and so much more, which you will discover for yourself as you become emotionally masterful!

Emotional Alchemy 101 - Course Overview

The course will include a number of live classes and recorded tutorials which will explain and teach in depth:

  • What emotions are, how and why they are created inside the body-mind
  • The 10 main types of negative emotions and how to notice and clear them
  • How to step on to the road of becoming an emotional wellbeing master

Which emotions will you learn to clear and heal?

There are hundreds of named emotions. However, they can all be boiled down to a number of 'core' emotions. We will focus on how to clear the core emotions of:

  • Sadness and grief
  • Anger, frustration and annoyance
  • Guilt and shame
  • Sulking
  • Hurt and disappointment
  • Fear and terror
  • Loneliness
  • Betrayal
  • Anxiety and depression

Course Logistics

  • The course will be run over a number of live classes and recorded tutorials which will be available for on-demand anytime viewing
  • For live classes you will be given a private link to join an audio-visual online classroom where you will be meeting, mingling and learning with your classmates
  • Audio-visual recordings will be uploaded into a private membership portal which can be viewed 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Each lesson will focus on one particular emotion or topic to keep things simple and easy to follow
  • Each week you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions in advance of the next class so your questions can be answered
  • You will be able to download the audio files to your computer, phone etc, to listen and re-listen and keep forever

Course Breakdown

Note: the order, number and content of classes may organically change as the course progresses to match the group's needs. 

Orientation Call - How the course works, overview of course content, class confidentiality agreements, how to navigate the membership portal and a live discussion of what you would like

What are emotions - How emotions are created through the mind and physical body, the difference between thoughts and emotions, the five levels of emotional awareness and more

Organs and emotions - Where emotions are stored in the body and which 10 organs are affected by different core emotions

Quick TKM emotional clearing technique - How to clear just about any negative emotion quickly and easily in seconds or minutes

Emotional Healing Crises - How to understand when emotions are part of a positive and natural healing crisis

Sadness and Grief - How to identify and self-clear sadness and grief

Anger, Frustration and Annoyance - How to identify and self-clear the range emotions from slightly ticked off to rage

Hurt and Disappointment - What causes these emotions, how to identify and clear them

Fear - How to understand what really causes it and how to reduce and clear it

Loneliness - Clear strategies for identifying the causes and solutions

TKM tapping for emotional healing - Kim's specialized approach to using EFT to self-clear any emotion in minutes

Guilt - How to understand 'real' and 'false' guilt, and how to clear either

Shame - How to understand why shame is a 'false' emotion and what really lies beneath this emotion

Sulking - The underlying reasons for sulking and the emotions which hide beneath it

Betrayal - How to overcome feelings of betrayal 

Anxiety and Depression - Why they are not emotions and the most common emotions which create anxiety and depression. How to clear anxiety and depression without medication.

Worry - Why worry is not an emotion and how to stop the habit of worry

Conclusion - A wrap up class to finish the program

Course Dates

First Class Mon 26th Nov NZT

Orientation Call

The first class of the program will be an orientation call. The orientation call will have 2 purposes:

1. To explain and outline the full scope of the program, including content, class times, how the portal works etc

2. To give all members an opportunity to ask questions about the program and share what they are wanting to achieve

The orientation call will be held on Mon 26 November NZT at 9am. This call is ONLY for people who have already registered and paid for the program. Check your local time zone here.

Live class access details, how to join, class times etc will be posted inside the private membership portal nearer the start of the program. You will always be notified by email of new updates.

All live classes will be recorded and uploaded into the private portal for viewing on demand at your leisure.

Additional Program Bonuses and Resources

Despite this program being extremely comprehensive, there is only so much content that can be covered in the short space of time we have together. 

Bonus course materials which compliment this program, as well as personal private emotional healing sessions with Kim, will be offered and available as required and as per the unique needs of the group. Private healing sessions in particular exponentially speed up the rate of healing and recovery.

Additional materials can be studied later at your own pace, so there is no need to feel overwhelmed by the total content, leaving you to engage at your optimal pace.  

Full details of all additional bonus material will be outlined at time of registration and / or during the course of the program. 


Any pre-course questions will be responded to if answers are not already to be found on this page.

Please therefore take the time to read this page fully as it contains everything you need to know about the program content and enrollment procedure. 

Many other questions you may have will be answered during the first orientation call when the course starts, and throughout the program. 

If there is a question you need to ask which you feel is really not answered on this page, please do send an email, and the answer will be added to this page.

Many thanks. Kim

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