Tian Yuan 'Flying' Qigong

One day Qigong workshop with Kim, Auckland

February 2019

Tian Yuan 'Heavenly' Qigong

Yuan Tze, founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong - A New Kind of Fitness

Gentle, flowing movements for staying healthy

'Yuan Gong' is the name for the methods and practices of Ren Xue health and life cultivation system used to self-heal the body, calm the mind and evolve the consciousness. 

Tian Yuan is the first of 9 methods of Yuan Gong. It translates as 'Heavenly' Qigong because its purpose is to reconnect with the Qi of the universe and draw it back into your body for energy renewal and healing. 

Symptoms of illness can disappear, the mind regains its natural state of clarity and creativity, and deep peace and authentic inner joy prevail. 

I'm healthier in my 50's than my 20's!

In my 20's and 30's I suffered from anxiety, clinical depression, chronic fatigue (CFS) and chronic back pain which often left me immobilized for days with pain.

Through learning the self-healing practices of Qigong I am free of anxiety, depression, stress and illness, and I very rarely have back problems anymore!

This is why I love teaching Yuan Gong Qigong and sharing these life-changing practices with others.

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Tian Yuan Qigong

Heavenly 'Flying' Qigong

Tian Yuan, 'Heavenly' Qigong, is the first of the 9 methods of Yuan Gong Qigong. 

When practicing Tian Yuan, you use the mind and physical movements to facilitate self-healing and revitilization from the inside out.

Tian Yuan helps to clear energy blockages in the body, especially in areas such as the shoulders and neck where many people hold stress and tension.

Tian Yuan is simple to learn. A short course is sufficient to enable you to start your own practice, and practice DVDs and guided audio Mp3s are available to continue your practice at home 

Continuous practice of Tian Yuan improves health and also lays the foundation for further Yuan Gong learning.

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Workshop Outline

  • Learn the theory and practice of Tian Yuan 'Heavenly' Qigong
  • Learn essential theory behind why and how Qigong works to increase your energy and improve wellbeing
  • Practice 'Qigong squats' to harmonize Qi flow in the Qi meridians (channels)
  • Learn how to connect with the universe to draw in Qi to your body using mind and physical movements
  • Learn a Qigong routine which is safe, effective and easy to practice with immediate health benefits
  • Learn a life-affirming Qigong method which once learnt you have for the rest of your life to improve and uplift your life ongoingly
  • and much more!

"By the end of this wonderful workshop, I was breathing fully, deeply and unencumbered, with a strong sense of being earthed and connected to all. Kim held a safe, nurturing space and has the ability to clearly describe the more subtle aspects of life energy"

"I have learnt much more about how my body feels from the inside, and also increased my loving connection with individual organs. It helped me to be kinder to my body. Kim is a skillful and passionate presenter, with an excellent professional approach. Thanks! "

"I feel really great after the exercises. It makes me feel more relaxed, and it’s helped me a lot physically and mentally with my health"

Can You Relate?

Is this you? And more importantly, would you like something different?

  • You wake up in the morning, stiff and groggy, and can't get going without that cup of strong coffee?
  • Your muscles and joints are often stiff, especially the neck, back, shoulders, hips, ankles, back of legs?
  • Your monkey-mind never switches off, it's constantly 'talking' to you, there is never an end to your to-do list and busyness, and it even keeps you awake at night?
  • Your energy is lower than it used to be, you often have mid-afternoon 'slumps', and collapse onto the sofa after a day at work, too tired to even cook dinner, and instead demolish a whole packet of chips?
  • You constantly have symptoms or pain of some sort, whether it's pain, fatigue, digestive issues, back pain, muscle pain, joint pain, headaches, migraines, insomnia?
  • You've tried all the fad exercise regimes at the gym, or 10 different styles of yoga, but they're just too hard on your body and you've even injured yourself trying to get fit?

You are not alone. Thousands of people wake up every day in pain or exhausted, stressed and burned out. But it doesn't have to be this way. With the right techniques, strategies and guidance, you have the power to turn this all around.

Your body is the ultimate self-healing machine, designed to stay fit and healthy without having to do vigorous exercise and crazy gym routines. There is another way. 

What if your life looked like this instead?

  • You wake in the morning feeling refreshed from a good night's sleep
  • You get out of bed without stiffness or aches and pains
  • You go through the day filled with energy and zest for life
  • There's no need to rely on energy drinks, tea or coffee to stay awake or concentrate
  • You experience a clear, calm mind at all times, no matter what is going on in your life
  • You feel uplifted, free and on track - life has meaning and purpose
  • You've found a personal development system with a clear, proven path towards greater and greater levels of self-realization and wisdom

Introducing Ren Xue and Yuan Gong... 

Personal Growth and Evolution of Consciousness

Have you been searching for something to help you understand yourself ... the meaning of life... so you can grow and evolve into a better version of yourself?

Ren Xue is a system of life cultivation for evolving yourself to higher and higher levels of self-realization and wisdom.

When you enroll in a Yuan Gong workshop you are enrolling in much more than just another Qigong training. 

You are embarking on a journey of personal evolution to evolve your consciousness towards self-realization and wisdom.


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What does Tian Yuan look like?

This is what you will be learning! Tian Yuan teaches you to use the mind and physical movements to achieve a strong exchange of Qi with the universe.



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Your Yuan Gong Teacher

I have studied at three schools of Qigong since 2000 when I first came across these Eastern philosophies whilst searching for answers to heal chronic fatigue and depression. Using Qigong and other methodologies I reversed symptoms and then trained as a Qigong instructor. In 2009 I began training with Yuan Tze, founder of the Ren Xue system, completing the 8 level Zhineng Qigong training in 2012. In 2018 I completed the 6 year Ren Xue Yuan Gong and Yuan Ming Medicine Qigong Master Training, the only Teacher Training which will ever be taught personally by Yuan Tze. I am deeply grateful to be part of the Ren Xue community and to be sharing these life-changing techniques with you.

Life Transformation through Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

Authentic Freedom through Self Realization

Yuan Tze Ren Xue is a holistic system which draws upon ancient wisdom culture, and contemporary philosophy and science, to bring you cutting-edge techniques for uplifting your mind, body and spirit. 

'Ren Xue' is the overriding system and philosophy of the Ren Xue school of wisdom, and translates as 'human life science': the science of what it really means to be a fully evolved human being. Most people are currently operating at a very low capacity of wisdom and awareness. Ren Xue teaches you how to evolve your consciousness to develop authentic self-realization and wisdom. As you move up the 'ladder' of realization, your mind, health and consciousness expand to levels you may never have dreamed possible. The ultimate goal of Ren Xue is to develop greater and greater levels of self-realization, including the state of 'enlightenment' where one recognizes one's True Self or True Nature.

'Yuan Gong' is the name given to the 9 methods and practices used to still the mind, self-heal the body and evolve your consciousness, allowing you to return to your 'natural' state of inner calm, joy, wellbeing and stillness. Until you have truly (re-)experienced the state of authentic unification of Jing (body), Qi and Shen (consciousness), you are living in an 'unnatural' state, often unconsciously breaking the natural laws of nature and life, which leads to life problems, including sickness and unhappiness. Unification of Jing, Qi and Shen reunites you with your True Self where you whole life takes on new meaning and purpose. Symptoms of illness can disappear, the mind regains its natural state of clarity and creativity, and deep peace and authentic inner joy prevail. You transform and your life is never the same again.

Meet the Founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Gong

Yuan Tze is an authentic Qigong Master who has evolved his life to an extraordinary level to reach a high state of self-realization. Born in China and raised in monasteries, at the age of 40 he emigrated to New Zealand and began teaching Qigong. In 2012 he founded Ren Xue Yuan Gong, a new system for maintaining health and developing human consciousness, drawn from a lifetime of study with Qigong masters, and founded upon centuries of ancient wisdom.

"Ren Xue is a system for the future. It’s roots and foundation incorporate all the wisdom that is available for humans to grow."

Yuan Tze
Founder of Ren Xue Yuan Gong

"I see a bright path. This depends on every member of humanity to create. Every person is a creator of the future of humanity."

Yuan Tze
Founder of Ren Xue Yuan Gong

"Every human being can find their way home, because when we return to our true home (our heart), then we become bright. We can brighten up our own life as well as others. This is how a truly harmonious world, a world which is even more wonderful than heaven, can become a reality. "

Yuan Tze
Founder of Ren Xue Yuan Gong


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